11 February 2011

Composer of the Month


The Pytheas Contemporary Music Center is featuring Nancy Van de Vate in February 2011 as  Composer of the Month.  For the complete citation and related material, go to:
Austrian National Radio will broadcast her music in early March in honor of International Women's Day. In that same context it will also be heard in concert at the Australian Embassy in Vienna, at IES Abroad Vienna, and in several other venues.
On April 4 she will present a guest lecture about her music for the Department of Musicology at the University of Vienna. This is an annual event, one which began more than twenty years ago.
The composer's newest CD recording, Chamber Music Vol. IX, was released earlier this week.
For further information, contact:
Vienna Modern Masters
Khleslplatz 6/2309
A-1120 Vienna, Austria
email: vmm@aon.at



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